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I have a few arashi singles that i would love to let go to a new owner since i'm slowly getting out of the fandom and focusing on my life.

Preferably MALAYSIAN buyer who willing to buy this..price range for the SINGLES from RM 30.00 to RM 80.00
please do ask me for better look of the singles..

[more..]i want to let go arashi concert goods too,please ask me for the price if any of you interested in buying
i have more than..will add it when i have time

Hooded towel from ARAFES (brand new,never used)

Arashi is Alive photobook with Disc (pre-loved but in good condition)

Digitalian tote bag (brand new,never used)

please contact me at twitter for fast reply https://twitter.com/hoishi2nd

precious moments.....

i missed the moments when i watch old arashi shows without subs yet i still laugh hysterically..
i missed the moments where it was freaking hard to even find their shows,their performance,their news...their updates..
i missed the moments when im proudly said i am their fans..
i missed the moments when i introduced them to my frens tho not all even bothered to what im talking about..
i missed the moment when i keep on saving their pics each time i stumbled upon it..
i missed the moment when i can found their stuff at local music store..
i missed the moment when i keep on replaying HOW's IT GOING album coz i freaking love it so much..
i missed the moment when i feel damn proud in each of the things that you guys do..

i can go on all day with this i missed the moment alllll day long..but that doesnt mean i didnt love you guys the same way i did when i first discovered you guys or that the feelings are no longer there,it did not,i bet ya,but just that things changed..i think more than i love you guys..it had turn into you guys are PART OF MY LIFE..a pieces of my life that cant never be erased...thank you for always being by my side tho there are times when i part away from you guys..coz i think i can forget you guys...BIG MISTAKES..i come back crawling to you guys..thank you thank you and thank you for always being there..for staying the same..for being ARASHI...thank you..




its been a while....NOT..keke
updating since i bought something new....tadaaaa... ARASHI first album ever..
well not like i dont have it before..i do have it but it just a cassette..yeah my poor fangirl life back then
that was the only thing i can afford in 1999...i cant even afford to buy a freaking cd's huhu..but oh well a cassette was enough to make me go crazy over them...hehehe

bought it over e-bay ...thats the only place i could find the first album with reasonable price..
but its in perfect condition so me dont really mind bout it tho it is a second hand album...teheeee
sharing the pics then...^^ and also the cassette that i owned back then since 1999...



have a nice day everyone..ja~~~


into the LABYRINTH we go....

its been a while..sorry LJ for ignoring you and not updating anything
well got nothing to update with in LJ to be honest..well except for this one..
me keep on delaying this since im way too lazy to do it hahahha..
i know its a bit late..but well,me still want to share this...tadaaaaa


i bought both version as a present for my birthday hehehe...this is the first time ever that i've ever bought arashi single..
since i prefer buying an album...gomen ne arashi but i'll try my best to buy your guys upcoming singles without fail....^^
i dont really like meikyu on a first listen but after for a while it grows in me and im kinda stuck with it now
especially at the TATOEBA part..well thats the easiest part to memorise...hahha..
till then...ja~~~


remember how ohno have his own solo concert and so does sho (♥)..
and due to me being bored so i youtube-ing the fancam of rida solo concert
i think i have his solo concert but too lazy to dig all my burned cd's and dvd's..
sigh..watching it makes me think how good can this guy be..his voice..his dancing skills..his smile..his weirdness...he makes me fall for him *sorry sho let me cheat on you for a while*
hahahha..i've yet to watch all the fancam..but so far there are two that caught my attention..

his rendition of I STILL LOVE WITH YOU ballad version..and his face when he holding his tears and bowing as a sign of gratitude makes me want to hug him so much..i cant embed it so i'll just link it..


another one would be..WALKING IN THE RAIN..i already love the song as it is..but gahhh ohno makes me love it even more with his slick dance moves..i envy those who attend his solo concert.. 

ENJOY IT!!!! ^o^

first time ever... ARASHI GOODIES..

it seems like i only update about stuff that i bought...hahha..so sorry about it..
anyway....im seriously is happy when i received arashi concert goodies from their beautiful world tour..
yup this is the first time ever that i bought it tho i've been a fan of theirs for ages..*gomenasai ne*..
i only bought things that i think i want and i will used the most..so here it is.. ^^

my lil sis like the uchiwa till she end up saying that it belongs to her and when she asked me where the uchiwa is she will add her name at the front claiming that it her's..well of course i dont give it to  her...im hiding it...hahahha

嵐 - Beautiful World .. ^o^

 i received the album yesterday...totally am happy to see it on my desk when i entered my office..
the packaging for beautiful world is quite simple..and glad that the album not using those cheap plastic cover..lol
i just hate it since it tend to break easily only that. JE need to stop being cheap...heheheh
anyway i love the song in the album..my fave would be LOVE RAINBOW..yeah i know its from their single but i just love that song..
unexpectedly matsujun solo caught my attention..i was going all shake it shake it shake tho normally im not really into his solo except for yabai yabai yabai..need to give more listen to the other song but TOOKU MADE sure is one nice song ^^


editing this entry while listening to beautiful world..suddenly it makes me think that probably arashi wont release any album next year..well no doubt that they will release singles..i dunno why i think that way but well who knows..cant never predict what JE up to..didnt expect for beautiful world at all..but at the same time im happy with it hehehe...good thing that they release it since they've released 5 singles last year and 1 this year..*am i rite*..
it could be that arashi will only releases singles only for next year..but hey..another full album wont do any harm at all
im here to support them ^O^

~~from iza now to nippon no arashi~~

it reach me..FINALLY...my nippon no arashi and iza now album..
bought iza now album coz well i yet to have it and because i want to avoid shipping fee..*die you shipping fee*..
the result after i've seen it...WAHAHAHAHHA...DAMN HAPPY...
do i understand what written in nippon no arashi book...heck NO...but well who cares so long that i have it hehe..
i love the quality of the papers they using..totally worth your money..
i didnt really go through what inside yet..but im pretty much sure i will smile like crazy person when i do so.. ^O^

and just because i am naturally biased when it come to mr.zero...weeeee

i received it yesterday...hehehe..and still in the middle of watching it..
cant really watch it in one go since im a bit busy with my work..
im totally loving the white concept..it might look plain to some people..but i love it..
the design on the dvd's and the little colors they add totally stand out..
and the photobook just worth it..
not really sure how the regular edition look like but heard that it contain lyrics book instead of a photobook..

proudly present here my dvd...lol
*please ignore my messy table*



nino solo....i cried listening to it...T________________T
but then i smile ^^...it is such a beautiful song..
i had always like niji and the song that he sing at their how's it going concert *sorry cant recall the title*..
but this..this DOKO Ni DEMO ARU UTA...it just flawless..
cant wait to see he perform this at their concert..

i know lots had already listen to it..but it wont hurt to listen to it again hehe..^^

</lj-embed>credit to ohmiyapanya2@youtube